Monday, March 7, 2011

For the little Girls on St. Patrick's Day

Finished Head Piece

This year is the first year that all of the children at the daycare on St. Patrick's Day will be little girls. This was my chance to bring out all of the "girlie" stuff I have wanted to do. 

I saw these sparkly hair pieces at a local fair and new some day I would find the opportunity to make them. (Especially because I think they charged $6 or more for about $1 worth of supplies). 

I think the ones at the fair used all foil wires but I fluffed ours up with two extra puffy pipecleaners (I thought they wouldn't be as itchy).  

I started by making a ring from the two yellow pipe cleaners. Then I wound the sparkly wire (bought at a dollar store) around the ring. I finished the head piece by tying on the curled ribbons and a sticking on a shamrock stickers (also from dollar store). 
all you need to make them smile

It think all of the little ladies will be impressed. 

... There may even be some spinning and twirling to go with all the giggles and smiles.

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