Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow Day in Daycareville

Snow Way Home. by Heather Ross

What do I do when my day suddenly has four more children than expected, the yard is like a lake and there is a whole day to fill?

Well today we rearranged our regular schedule. Normally we go outside later in the day. Today we went out early. We got absolutely soaked (which I knew would happen) and this was fine. We had a BLAST slipping, sliding and sloshing around and you know what? None of us melted.

Our Snowy tracks... Look how wet.

After we were done outside all of our wet things went into the dryer so they will be nice and dry when our Mom’s and Dad’s came and get us. 

There was a definite separation of the sexes today. 
The boys where into the trucks they brought and the girls were talking fairies. 
Normally we all do the same things but I knew each group would love what I pulled out for them.
Dinosaur eggs

I started the boys on a Dinosaur adventure.

These are these little caplets with a sponge type thing inside. The caplet is meant to melt in the water and "hatch" a dinosaur. It is a fun and easy experiment. Each boy got their own jar (baby food jars) with a growing dinosaur inside to take home. The rest of the dinosaurs went into a large clear plastic peanut butter jar so we could watch them.

The boys then went on to stamping dino’s on a big sheet of paper I rolled out.

They were also completely happy to clean up the stampers. I filled the sink with soapy water and they washed away the paint.

fairy workshop

The ladies made fairies with close pegs, plastic flower petals and feathers.

Finished Fairies

Today I was thankful for the organizing I had done. I had bagged up all the little crafty things and lined them up in a large container. Everything imaginable is in there; googly eyes, water balloons, marbles, sparkely plastic gems, shells, and foamy cut outs. There are other containers of coloured paper, felt and foamy sheets, stickers and pipcleaners.

activity storage bin
 So today when I needed a quick plan, I just went shopping in the container and found all the stuff we needed for a fun day. 

Well everything but our imaginations. Thank goodness for those!

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